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Tall Tales is a musical collective based in Stockholm that combines contemporary pop music with urban beats and jazzy improvisation. Helmed by jazz musician and composer Arvid Ingberg, who has shaped the group's groundbreaking repertoire from scratch, Tall Tales released their debut "GAMUT" in 2017 and their follow-up "Birch Tree Mind" in 2018, earning a fast following around the globe for their imaginative music. Ingberg describes the music as a fusion of  pop and jazz, inspired by artists such as The Beatles, Wintergatan, Susanne Sundfør, Snarky Puppy, Loney Dear, Björk and others, resulting in a higly melodic, groovy and contemporary mix, allowing plenty of room for jazz improvisation.

In October 2019 the group's third album will be released and before that they will tease you with the mesmerizing single I Remember When You Sang for Me, re-mixed by electro-pop maestro Pikes. These two releases is the start of a new collaboration with Do Music Records.