Tall Tales is a Stockholm based music collective, run by me, Arvid Ingberg. The music is inspired by all the music that I love, which includes The Beatles, Vulfpeck, Susanne Sundfør, Snarky Puppy, Loney Dear, and much more. I do not shy away from combining genres, and the result is a fresh mix of very melodic, groovy, and contemporary music, with plenty of room for improvisation, as well as carefully arranged and orchestrated passages. I like to call it ”instrumental pop, with some vocals”. I’ve always loved both pop and jazz, and I think writing music for this band is a way for me to keep one foot in each of these musical worlds.


We released our debut album ”GAMUT” in February 2017, and have done some concerts with that material since then. Pretty soon after the release I found myself with a lot of new music, and started recording our second album in the summer of 2017. It was released September 27th 2018. Now we're in the making of number three, and it will be ready for release in 2019.



Arvid Ingberg - Composition, production, trombone, vocals, keyboards


Samuel Muntlin - Tenor saxophone, woodwinds


Johan Christoffersson - Alto Saxophone


Albin Grahn - Trumpet


Jonatan Lundin - Bass


Oskar Alex - Bass


Antoni Yammin - Bass


Oscar Calle Broberg - Guitar


Alexander Markman - Guitar


Efraim Törnfeldt - Guitar


Emmanuel Hailemariam - Guitar


Erik Fhager - Guitar


Petter Alin - Guitar


Johannes Jareteg - Keyboards


Rasmus Lindelöw - Keyboards


Marcus Sturewall - Keyboards


Johanna Edberg - Vocals


Lovisa Jennervall - Vocals


Melanie Taylor - Vocals


Ludwig Gustavsson - Drums


Simon Liljeblad - Drums



Call us: + 46 76 246 69 35

Copyright @ Arvid Ingberg 2018